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  • Example of a mood board

    Creative Approaches to the Higher Still Writing Folio

    Islay High School teacher Zoe Haining describes a wonderful idea which can be applied at all stages of the curriculum to stimulate creativity and a spirit of exploration in imaginative writing. Islay High uses an alternative curriculum which has replaced Standard Grade with Access 3/Intermediate 1...

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  • New term, shiny new things

    Scottish Book Trust has spent the summer amassing a wealth of new resources to help teachers, librarians and other learning professionals. In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting a series of blogs letting you know about new content. In the first of these below, you can find out more about what we’re...

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  • The importance of playing for babies' development

    Can you remember the days when children’s toys were simple? Children used to spend their day playing with wooden blocks, Lego, dress up clothes, plastic tubs filled with rice and lentils, dolls, puppets, books, toy cars. I remember these toys. I loved these toys. Children’s toys have come a long...

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  • How Keeping the Beat Helps Children Become Better Readers

    Discover how music can make your child a better reader

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  • A Trip to The Poet’s Favourite Loch

    My passion for Czech writing took me to Prague very soon after the velvet revolution, in those heady days before McDonalds and British stag parties took hold. I felt no increased connection with the works of Klíma, Škvorecký and Kundera when I got there though, just as walking the streets of...

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  • Criticism should build up, not beat down

    When a writer receives feedback on their work they want to feel affirmed. They want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside and be told that one day, they might just win the Booker, or the Pulitzer or even just a writing competition in their local rag. But often, this does not happen. Instead, criticism...

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