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  • Reading to baby: how early is too early?

    M any parents say they value reading with their babies and young children. They collect books long before the birth of the baby. They cherish books that are gifted from friends and family members. And when the baby is born, the parents say – I can’t wait to start reading when the baby is a bit...

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  • Get Orf My Laaaand! Or, why my genre's better than yours

    The gloves are coming off. The genre authors are fighting back. Take Iain M. Banks’s recent article , which in itself is wounded but ultimately open to inter-genre dialogue. Then regard for a moment, the comments below the article. I appreciate that no-one looks kindly upon people treating their...

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  • Claire Harris: Sharing a love of reading at Foulford Primary!

    In ‘ How to Create a Love of Reading in School ’, Yvonne Allan, head teacher at Foulford Primary reflected on the process which took her school from having a reading gap in terms of ‘reading for fun’ to a school enriched by a love of books and reading. Here, P7 class teacher Claire Harris shares...

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  • Why taking time to have a conversation with a child matters

    Children are increasingly passive recipients of speech. Throughout t he busyness of everyday life, taking the time to sit and chat to a child has become a rarity. As we spend more time on our mobile phones, browsing the internet and simply running around from one activity to the next, children are...

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  • Writers in Schools: mentoring and being mentored

    Liz Niven was a mentor for Stephanie Taylor as part of our Writers in Schools programme. Here she gives an interesting insight into her experience of mentoring an author through the nerve-wracking first few school events! This follows on from an earlier blog in which Stephanie gave her perspective...

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  • Stories Need to be Dug Up, Not Built Up

    When I first started to write long-form fiction, I recognised that something was missing. I knew the people I wanted to write about, the place and time, but when I got them all together, not much happened. My characters milled about, chatting, drinking coffee, making ineffectual and badly described...

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