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  • How to be a Writer, Part 1

    It begins in childhood, when you don't know any better. You are little, so imagine being bigger. Imagine being smaller, longer, wider, inflatable, amphibian, in outer space. Make your Barbies into assassins. Make your GI Joes into the Loch Ness monster. Make a mess, make a fuss, make towers of...

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  • Music to Write By

    I used to think that I needed total silence to write. Definitely no radio, television or coffee shops. Then one day, I heard Linkin Park 's 'One Step Closer', and it reminded me of a longer than expected walk I once took along Avalon Boulevard in Los Angeles, after having been at an LA Galaxy...

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  • Please Be Less Fabulous, George Saunders.

    In a recent two-week period, I inhaled the entire, tantalisingly small (but only in volume) body of work of the American short story writer George Saunders . In those two weeks, during the times that I wasn’t incapacitated with envy, I found that everything I wrote came out like George Saunders –...

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  • Revert to Type

    Maybe it is because I have such terrible handwriting that I have always had a thing for fonts and typefaces. From a young age my school projects were festooned with Letraset decals. I loved shading away with a pencil to coax them off the milky sheet, then fixing the letters to the page with a rub...

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  • Pinning Down the Details

    In July, my novel The Girl in the Bunker will be published by Cargo Publishing. To say that this has been a long process would be an understatement - right around the time I began working on the novel, I was on a train from Birmingham to Edinburgh, reading in a tabloid that Prince William had split...

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  • Procrastination

    When it comes to writing, I am constantly at war with my own brain. I'm sure many of you will understand. I sit down at my laptop to tinker at a story and before I can catch myself – before I've even noticed it's happening – I've submerged myself in a world of dead-end snippets of mental tat. I...

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