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  • Stories Need to be Dug Up, Not Built Up

    When I first started to write long-form fiction, I recognised that something was missing. I knew the people I wanted to write about, the place and time, but when I got them all together, not much happened. My characters milled about, chatting, drinking coffee, making ineffectual and badly described...

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  • The Birth of a Word

    Have you ever stopped to consider how a child’s first word evolves? Maybe you’ve witnessed the process. As a parent, or a primary carer you may be able to hear the child practicing and manipulating sounds until one precious day a child utters its first words. I came across this TED Talk, The Birth...

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  • Crossing the Genre Divide

    The coverage of last month’s World Book Night on the BBC has sparked a row between the corporation and some of genre fiction’s best-known names. Writers of sci-fi, crime, fantasy and horror such as Iain M Banks and Neal Asher, and children’s authors Debi Gliori and Tamora Pierce, signed a letter to...

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  • Laughter is no laughing matter

    What would you say if I told you that laughter is no laughing matter and it needs to be taken quite seriously – especially from a child development perspective? Children start developing their personal sense of humour from a young age. They will smile but babies don’t actually start laughing until...

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  • Digital Publishing Is Literature's Punk

    I don’t really remember punk but I know punk retrospectively. At the time the best punk was happening, I was about 7, so I kind of moshed into the punk scene a bit later, when the remnants of it were still swirling about in by-pools of Indie and suchlike. I love the idea of punk, that somehow it...

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  • Hawick High School: How 2nd year pupils produced a book on The Reivers

    The Reivers , a book by Hawick High School pupils, is an ambitious publication which seeks to answer the question "The reivers - how much do we really know about them?" It was produced with the help of Live Literature Funding , and on this week's blog Heather Marshall from Heart of Hawick Children'...

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