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  • The Linguistic Genius of Babies

    If you’ve read How Babies Think by Alison Gopnik, Patricia Kuhl and Andrew Meltzoff, then you know that babies are thinking about the world and processing information from the minute they’re born – or even before. They come into the world ready to interact with people and their environment, craving...

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  • How to be a Writer, Part 2

    Now you may start again. Grip the pen in the ache of your fist and force it into the shape of words. Do not think. Think all you can. Think about not thinking. The stories will come, but you have worked hard to ensure that they are buried deep. Now it is your choice: you can look away while they...

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  • How to be a Writer, Part 1

    It begins in childhood, when you don't know any better. You are little, so imagine being bigger. Imagine being smaller, longer, wider, inflatable, amphibian, in outer space. Make your Barbies into assassins. Make your GI Joes into the Loch Ness monster. Make a mess, make a fuss, make towers of...

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  • Music to Write By

    I used to think that I needed total silence to write. Definitely no radio, television or coffee shops. Then one day, I heard Linkin Park 's 'One Step Closer', and it reminded me of a longer than expected walk I once took along Avalon Boulevard in Los Angeles, after having been at an LA Galaxy...

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  • Please Be Less Fabulous, George Saunders.

    In a recent two-week period, I inhaled the entire, tantalisingly small (but only in volume) body of work of the American short story writer George Saunders . In those two weeks, during the times that I wasn’t incapacitated with envy, I found that everything I wrote came out like George Saunders –...

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  • Revert to Type

    Maybe it is because I have such terrible handwriting that I have always had a thing for fonts and typefaces. From a young age my school projects were festooned with Letraset decals. I loved shading away with a pencil to coax them off the milky sheet, then fixing the letters to the page with a rub...

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