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  • Facing the Dragons

    I sat with a page-long extract from one of my stories one morning recently and inserted little upward pointing arrows like this - ↑ -into the text. I was preparing for my appearance that night at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Edinburgh UNESCO City Literature ran Dragon’s Pen, which had...

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  • On Luck

    You need three things to be a writer: talent, hard work, and luck. Writers do not like to talk about this third item as they fear that people will focus on it and forget the first two, but here's a secret: luck is perhaps the most important part. No writer succeeds without little nuggets of luck at...

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  • I Didn’t Think I was a Poet and Then I Did

    One man's journey from novelist and short story writer to published poet

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  • Reading at Edinburgh International Book Festival

    September, and I’m on a bus. Headphones on, music shuffling, leaving the city. August has been fast and lengthy, with all its Edinburgh festivals turned up full volume, its beats-per-minute, its riffs and split-second jumps. A big scrawled mess in my head, with no space for breathing or thinking...

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  • Reality Bites

    There’s been lots of talk about reality at this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival. Christos Tsiolkas, best-selling Australian author of The Slap , criticised a collection of European short stories he’d been given, calling them ‘dry and academic’ and complaining that ‘They don’t talk...

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  • Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty

    Reading Billy Letford’s blog entry about roof poetry made me think of the well-known phrase about practicing random kindnesses and senseless acts of beauty. I Googled it and found out from Wikipedia that, “The phrase… may have been coined by peace activist Anne Herbert. Herbert says she wrote it on...

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