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  • Let's Talk About Sex

    A couple of months ago Adrian Searle, the editor of Gutter magazine, asked me to take part in an event called McSex , which Gutter is presenting as part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival’s ‘Unbound’ strand. I and several other writers will read something sensual, lustful or downright...

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  • My First Ever Book Signing

    I spent last night curled up in the big chair in the window, reading The Year of Open Doors . I wanted to take all of it in in one gulp, all these different Scotlands around my head. The Year of Open Doors is a short story collection, put together by the author Rodge Glass and published by Cargo, a...

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  • Poetry Readings at Kelburn Garden Party

    Through my involvement in Forest Publishing and the Golden Hour, I get asked to do a lot of readings, some quite random. I've performed in a tent in the Meadows, a squatted pub in London, a whisky distillery in Dufftown, and, on one painful morning, in Drumnadrochit High School to a bunch of eleven...

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  • Poetry on the Roof

    An artist called Liz Skulina got in touch with me in March. She was responding to certain poems by creating a series of chairs. The sculptures were to be part of the ‘Art in Unexpected Places’ exhibition at Stanza and she was interested in using one of my poems. I didn’t make it to Stanza but Liz...

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