5 Things To Say To The Man Who Refuses To Read

Danny Scott

This week The Reading Agency dropped the not wholly unexpected bombshell that 63% of the UK’s men don’t feel they are reading enough, and a whopping 75% of men would rather watch a movie adaptation of a novel than the source material. Furthermore, almost half of men say they read less now than they used to.

What can be done to encourage men to read more? Well, we’ve rounded up five good arguments to raise with men – or indeed either sex - who no longer raise a book to their face:-


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Reading as a family

5 Ways to Be a Family Who Reads

I love reading. I am a happy and motivated reader but it was no given that I could pass my love onto my kids.  After six years, I take great pride in my family’s love of books. Here are my tips for being a family who reads.

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George Saunders

Learn All About: George Saunders

Paul Gallagher

George Saunders has been lauded as "the best [living] short story writer in English" and won literary prizes ranging from the MacArthur "Genius Grant" to the inaugural Folio Prize. Tenth of December, his most recent collection, was called "the best book you'll read this year" by New York Times Magazine. Despite these laurels, Saunders isn't exactly a household name and, as our Book Talk discussion showed, he’s a Marmite writer – you love him or hate him.

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Book Magpie: Weblinks for Booklovers April 2014

Danny Scott

Spring is a rebel and so is Book Magpie... that’s why this bird is back for April. Your favourite bookish, web-obsessed Eurasian magpie has been busy scouring the internet for the best links for you to share with your friends by email, on Twitter or Facebook - pretending all the time that it was you who found them yourself.

Three quick reasons why spring is the best season: (1) the clocks change so magpies can spot more shiny things for longer; (2) you can read outside on your lunchbreak; and (3) everyone feels a little hornier in spring.

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Lucy Ribchester

Lucy Ribchester signs two-book deal

Sarah Barrie

Lucy Ribchester, who received a New Writers Award from the Scottish Book Trust in 2013, has signed a two-book deal with Simon & Schuster. Her debut novel, The Hourglass Factory, will be published in Spring 2015.

The Hourglass Factory is a murder mystery set in 1912 suffragette London. If you can't wait a full year to read the book, we've got an extract of the novel on her New Writers Award profile.

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