Book Week Scotland for Booksellers

Dear Bookseller,

We’re excited to share with you a fantastic, new way that booksellers can be involved in Book Week Scotland 2016. (We’re also sending this call out via the Bookseller’s Association, so apologies if you see it twice.)

Bookshop Needs

In summer 2015, we initiated a number of conversations with booksellers as part of a consultation. You told us that we needed to think about the following:

  • It’s difficult for booksellers to take on more projects in November
  • Anything bookshops get involved in has to be beneficial for book sales
  • Booksellers would like to be more visible on the BWS website
  • It’s important to showcase why booksellers and bookshops are important

Taking these points into consideration, we’re introducing a new initiative for Book Week Scotland, 21–27 November 2016

The theme of BWS this year is Discovery – and we want to encourage people to discover new books to read and new books to give to others.

To do that, we are creating an online, lifestyle quiz that will use the data from participant’s answers to generate three recommended books. Visitors to our site and the Daily Record’s will be able to fill it in to generate ideas for books to give as a Christmas gifts to friends, relatives or themselves!

This is where we need your help. We would like each of the books generated to be a recommendation from a Scottish bookseller. The idea is to remind people how great booksellers are at recommending the perfect book and to encourage them to buy those books from Scottish bookshops.

Each person who completes the quiz will be recommended three books: modern, classic and cult. For each of those books they will see the bookseller who recommended it, a short ‘shelfcard’, and a link to online selling platform of your choice or your website.

Sounds great, how do I take part?

All we need from you are the names of the books you would like to recommend, a two line ‘shelfcard’ for each recommendation, the recommending bookseller and your shop’s details (name, website, location)

Download the Book Picker spreadsheet - it is also linked at the bottom of this page – you can use it to send us any and all of your recommendations. Please include as many genres as you like and make as many recommendations as you want to, we will use everything we get – the more options we have the better! Also, please do pass this around your colleagues – we’re happy to include multiple booksellers from one shop.

Finally, we want to have a wide range of books for people to discover so please include:

  • Scottish authors and publishers
  • New/contemporary and older/classic books
  • A range of length and difficulty
  • Children’s and YA – a full range of subject, age range and fiction/non-fiction, as suggestions for adults buying books for younger readers

We have filled in one entry as an example – if you have any questions, please get in touch using the details below
You can send us your spreadsheet anytime from now until our deadline of Monday 26 September 2016.

Please email your completed spreadsheet to: Phone: 0131 524 0164


How many books do I have to recommend?
You can recommend as many as you like – the more you recommend the more likely your recommendations will pop up at the end of the quiz.

Do I have to recommend a book in every category?
No. You can recommend as many books in each category as you like. If you are a specialist bookseller, then please feel free to recommend only in the categories which are relevant to you. But, if you work in a general bookshop, the wider the range of categories you nominate in, the wider the range of people who find out about your bookshop will be.

Can I take part in other parts of Book Week Scotland?
Of course you can, we would love to have you!
You can order marketing materials here
You can order free copies of Secrets and Confessions, the Book Week Scotland free book here
If you would like to put on events in your bookshop during Book Week Scotland you can list your events on our site by filling in this form

Can I ask my colleagues if they would like to take part?
YES! Please, please do. The more, the merrier

Why are you linking to online selling platforms?
While this is about making people aware of as many of Scotland’s bookshops as possible, we feel it is also important to capture people’s impulse to buy a book that the quiz recommends for them. We are happy to link to whatever online selling platform you would like us to use, so if there is one where you sell online, please do suggest that (provided you recommendation is available to buy there, of course!)

Can second-hand bookshops take part?
Yes, they are very welcome to!