Bookbug Pack Gifting:

The Bookbug Baby Bags are distributed to parents by their Health Visitor at around 2 months old.

The Bookbug Toddler Bags are distributed to parents by their Health Visitor or at the MMR vaccination, at around 13 months old.

The Bookbug Pirate Bags are distributed to 3 year olds in early year’s settings.


Bookbug’s Library Challenge:

Bookbug’s Library Challenge, a free programme where pre-school children can collect stickers and certificates in return for borrowing books from the library, runs in each main library in Clackmannanshire. Each child is given their own Bookbug’s Library Challenge collector card and each time they visit the library they receive a sticker. When they have collected 4 stickers they will receive a lovely limited edition certificate.


Bookbug Sessions:

Within Clackmannanshire, free Bookbug Sessions are run in the larger libraries.  Bookbug Sessions are fun, free events for children aged birth to four and their parents, incorporating songs, rhymes, books and play.


Local Contact:

Ian Keane


Click here for more information about Bookbug in Clackmannanshire