South Ayrshire


Bookbug in South Ayrshire has been running since 1999 and is managed by the Library Service.  Working in partnership with local Health Visitors, Early Years Workers and Stepping Stones for Families we aim to introduce all children to books at a very early age. Bookbug is a vital part of South Ayrshire’s literacy strategy.


Bookbug Pack Gifting

Bookbug Baby and Bookbug Toddler packs are gifted by Local Health Visitors.  Libraries also hold a supply of these packs to be gifted if a child is new to our area or does not attend a Health Visitor.

Bookbug Pirate packs are gifted to 3 year olds through both Local Authority and Private Partner Nurseries and through childminders.  Libraries can request a pack for children who do not attend nursery.


Bookbug Sessions

Bookbug sessions are a key part of our Bookbug programme.  These fun, free rhyme and story sessions are held in our larger libraries.  Last year more that 2,000 children and their carers attended Bookbug sessions.  Visit for more information.


Bookbug’s Library Challenge

Bookbug’s Library Challenge is an incentive scheme to encourage young children to use the library and is run on a regular basis.


Bookbug mini crafts

These are fun and free simple craft sessions for toddlers and are held at various times throughout the year.


Special Bookbug Events

We hold special events to celebrate Bookbug Day, World Book Day and Mr Crocodile’s birthday.  (Mr Crocodile has to catch those 3 cheeky monkeys at least once a year!) In fact we celebrate any special day we can think of.



For accessibility information, please contact your local Bookbug Coordinator or see your local authority website.


Bookbug Co-ordinator

Renee Gillan- Children and Community Development (Library Services)


Telephone: 01292 272232   

For more information please visit our website or phone your local library for further details.