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Bookbug is an integral part of West Dunbartonshire’s literacy strategy. The scheme is co-ordinated and monitored by West Dunbartonshire Libraries working in partnership with Health Visitors, Early Education and Community Learning and Development. 

Bookbug is seen by the Library Service and its partners as vital to the long term development of our children and supports the Life Long Learning agenda. There is regular outreach work by Libraries and partners to promote the message of Bookbug.


Bookbug Pack Gifting

Bookbug Baby bags are gifted at 6-16 weeks via Health Visitors and Libraries.

Bookbug Toddler bags are gifted at 12-18 months via Health Visitors, Libraries and Nurseries.

Bookbug Pirate packs are gifted at 3 years via Nurseries and some are available through libraries for children who do not attend nursery at 3 years.


Bookbug Sessions

The aim of a Bookbug Session is to encourage parents and carers to share rhymes, songs and books with their children from a very young age. They are held in libraries throughout West Dunbartonshire including sessions run by the mobile library service and Kilpatrick Special Needs Early Years school . These hugely popular sessions are run by library staff and parent volunteers with CL&D running outreach taster sessions in areas without libraries. We currently run 9 weekly and 6 fortnightly Bookbug Sessions.

For more information about Bookbug Sessions in West Dunbartonshire, click here



For accessibility information, please contact your local Bookbug Coordinator or see your local authority website.


Aly McCullochBookbug Co-ordinator

Aly McCulloch- Learning Development Officer

Email: aly.mcculloch@west-dunbarton.gov.uk

Telephone: 01389 772151