If You're Happy and You Know It

The family in this film all enjoy sharing this beautifully illustrated version of the popular song. Before they begin, Mum and Dad give their wee girl plenty of time to explore the front cover by hitting and touching the book. They also use lots of great, descriptive language to chat about the things that have caught her interest on the cover. Pointing and talking about what you see is a great way to boost children’s understanding and language development.

Throughout the book, the parents add in lots of great actions and sound effects which really bring the book to life. Actions are a great way to make the language meaningful, and they’re also very engaging for children to watch. Adding some action and movement while you share a story is a great way to make a book an even more playful experience.

There is lots of laughter, movement and eye contact in this film. It shows how sharing stories is a great way for families to bond.

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