Who's That?

Photograph books are lots of fun and very interesting for children. They are a great choice for families who speak more than one language as you can talk about the pictures on the page in any language. The mum and daughter in this video are sharing the book together in Gaelic.

Give the child lots of time to look at the pictures - books like this are great for helping children to build up their language. When they point to their favourite animals, you can extend the discussion by talking about what the animal looks like, the noise it makes, where it lives, what it eats – anything really!

Books about animals are also good for linking in with songs and rhymes. Lots of different songs and rhymes feature animals (e.g. 5 Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day, Roon About Moose) and photograph books like this are perfect for helping children learn what these animals look like in real life.

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