Bookbug Explorer Bag


The Bookbug Explorer Bag is given out at nursery when your child is aged 3.

The Bookbug Explorer Bag will boost every young adventurer's love of books and reading, as well as encouraging their writing and drawing.

Your little one will love the sense of discovery and excitement as they dive into longer books. We hope you’ll enjoy cuddling up together to share a new story or enjoy an old favourite. 

How do I get my free Bookbug Explorer Bag?

The Bookbug Explorer Bag is usually given out at nursery when your child turns 3. However, Bookbug Bags are given out in different ways depending on where you live. Your local Bookbug Co-ordinator will be able to help you find out how to get hold of one in your area. 

If you haven’t received your Bookbug Bag, you can also ask at your local library.

Remember, you don’t have to register to receive your Bookbug Explorer Bag.

Does your child have Additional Support Needs?

CALL Scotland have created a fantastic pack of symbolised resources to accompany the books in the Bookbug Explorer bag. The resources can be used with children with Additional Support Needs, communication difficulties and with English as an Additional Language too! You can download the symbol sheet resources below

You can see symbolised resources in action and get ideas on how they can be used in this video, filmed at Braidburn School in Edinburgh.


What does the Bookbug Explorer Bag include?*

  • Three picture books - These beautiful books have been specially selected by a panel of Early Years experts as well as being tested with families. 
  • My Bookbug Explorer Activity Book - This activity book is a great way to encourage children to talk about the books in their Explorer Bag and share their drawings. There are activity pages based on the books and some handy book recommendations.
  • Bookbug Explorer Pencils - These 6 brightly coloured pencils are ideal for children learning to write. 
  • My Bookbug Explorer CD - This CD is packed full of songs and nursery rhymes for families to enjoy. Many of the songs and rhymes can also be heard at local Bookbug Sessions. You can listen to the tracks online here.
  • 4 large postcards - These postcards are perfect for sending to grandparents, neighbours and friends, with plenty of space for children to write their own personal message.
  • Bookbug Postcard - A lovely, colourful postcard featuring a song or rhyme from the Bookbug Song and Rhyme Library.
  • Parent Leaflet – this includes tips on sharing the books and other items with children.
  • Bookbug alerts sign up form - Bookbug Alerts let a parent know when their next Bookbug Bag is due as well as giving them reading tips and book recommendations.
  • All contents come in a sturdy child sized canvas bag with smaller handles. Children will love carrying their books around by themselves!

 *Bag contents may vary From March 2016, the Bookbug Pirate Bag will be phased out and replaced with the Bookbug Explorer Bag. Your child may receive either the Pirate Bag or the Explorer Bag.