Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bag

We are delighted to announce that Bookbug will once again be gifting a Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bag to every P1 child in Scotland during Book Week Scotland, 19-25 November.  This Bookbug Bag will help to create a lasting link between reading at school and at home. This bag also allows your child to take part in the The Bookbug Picture Book Prize. They can use the voting slip to vote for their favourite book from the bag, encouraging their love of reading by celebrating their choices.

Teachers and librarians, please click here for more information

How do I get my Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bag?

All schools are encouraged to give the P1 Bag to children during Book Week Scotland, 19-25 November 2018.

Your child’s school should be in contact with you about the P1 Bag. If you have not heard anything by mid November, please contact the school for more information. 

What does the Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bag include?

This year’s P1 Family Bag includes:

Eric Makes a Splash Cover One Button Benny cover image I Am Bat book cover

Eric Makes a Splash

by Emily MacKenzie

(author & illustrator)

One Button Benny 

by Alan Windram

illustrated by Chloe Holwill-Hunter

I Am Bat

by Morag Hood

(author & illustrator)

Bloomsbury Little Door Macmillan
  • An activity book and colouring pencils with fun ways to enjoy reading, writing and counting together
  • A whiteboard, a set of magnetic numbers, and a pen        

Accessibile versions of the books

Scottish Book Trust is delighted to be working again with CALL Scotland, which will provide accessible digital and audio versions of The Bookbug Picture Book Prize shortlist. For more information, visit their website here

Gaelic Bags

Gaelic Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bags are also available for P1 children in Gaelic Medium Education. The Gaelic P1 Family Bag includes Gaelic editions of the three books shortlisted for The Bookbug Picture Book Prize and a dual-language Gaelic/English Activity Booklet developed with support from the Gaelic Books Council. Audio versions of the Gaelic books are available to listen to on the Gaelic4Parents website.

These bags will be given out alongside the bags in English. 

Visit Your Local Library

Libraries all over the country will be taking part in Book Week Scotland, so why not pop along to your local library and join the celebrations? There’s also a special activity in the P1 Bag Activity Booklet all about libraries. If you or your child is not already a library member, this is the perfect time to join. Libraries have a great range of books to borrow for free. 

Read, Write, Count

The Bookbug P1 Family Bag is produced by Scottish Book Trust in partnership with Education Scotland and the Scottish Government as part of Read, Write, Count. You’ll find more ideas for fun activities and games that you can slip into your daily routine at

If you have any questions or feedback about the Bookbug P1 Family Bag, please contact us at

We would like to acknowledge the support of the Scottish Government Health and Well-being Division for the continued funding of the Bookbug programme.