Gaelic Bookbug

Did you know that Bookbug speaks Gaelic too?

At Scottish Book Trust, we love language and languages. We believe that exposure to different languages enriches children's lives, and this is one of the reasons we support the Scottish Government’s ambition to create a secure future for Gaelic in Scotland.

We are delighted to work in partnership with the Scottish Government to provide free Gaelic Bookbug Bags to hundreds of families across Scotland. Gaelic Bookbug Bags are available to all families with an interest in Gaelic, whether or not you are a Gaelic-speaking home or your child attends a Gaelic school.



How do I get my Gaelic Bookbug Bag?

Gaelic Bookbug Bags are available in all areas of Scotland.

Gaelic Bookbug Baby and Toddler Bags can be requested from your local Bookbug Co-ordinator.

Three-year-old children in Gaelic Medium Education will receive their Gaelic Bookbug Explorer Bag from their nursery.

Primary 1 children in Gaelic Medium Education will receive a Gaelic Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bag during Book Week Scotland.

If your child is not in a Gaelic early years setting or school, please get in touch with your local Bookbug Co-ordinator to find out how to get a Bookbug Bag.


What is in the Gaelic Bookbug Bags?

The Gaelic Bookbug Bags contain Gaelic editions of the three books in the English Bookbug Bags. There is also useful information from Bòrd na Gàidhlig for parents and carers who want to share Gaelic with their children.

The Gaelic P1 Family Bag includes Gaelic editions of the three books nominated for The Bookbug Picture Book Prize and a new dual-language Gaelic/English Activity Booklet developed with support from the Gaelic Books Council.

Please note that you are entitled to both a bag in Gaelic AND a bag in English as some resources in the English bag are not replicated in the Gaelic bag.


Audio Recordings of the Books in Gaelic

Gaelic recordings of all the books in the current Bookbug Bags, as well as those from previous year’s bags, are available on the Gaelic4parents website.


Gaelic Bookbug Sessions in your area

Lots of local areas now run Gaelic Bookbug sessions! Click here to find out if there’s a Gaelic Bookbug session near you.


Bòrd na Gàidhlig

Bòrd na Gàidhlig works in partnership with the Scottish Government, the people of Scotland and other Gaelic organisations to improve the status of the language.

If you would like to learn Gaelic or are interested in Gaelic for your child, visit Bòrd na Gàidhlig’s website for help and advice.


Useful websites and support for Gaelic-speaking families

Gaelic4parents provides support for parents, carers and children interested and involved in Gaelic Education. Families can listen to songs and stories in Gaelic and print out resources to use at home.

The Gaelic Books Council supports writers and publishers of books in Scots and Gaelic. A wide selection of Gaelic books for children are available on their website.

Acair Books publish the titles included in the Gaelic Bookbug Bags. You can also buy a range of other fantastic Gaelic picture books on their website.  

Storlann help distribute Gaelic educational resources across Scotland, including the Gaelic4parents website.

Able Kids offer a variety of bilingual books for children in over 35 languages. You can also find English and Gaelic children's books and resources suitable for home, nursery, primary school and secondary school.

Comann nam Parant is the national organisation offering advice and support on Gaelic medium education to parents and carers.

LearnGaelic is a website with a variety of free, online resources for beginners through to advanced learners: