Bananas Unite


Bananas unite! (put hands together over head)

Bananas split! (bring hands down to the side)

Go bananas, go, go, bananas! (wave arms about)

Go bananas, go, go, bananas!

Bananas to the left, (jump to the left)

Bananas to the right, (jump to the right)

Peel your banana and (mime peeling and eating banana)

Mmmmm take a bite. 


Say this rhyme to your baby. Hold them face to face and let them see the actions you are doing.

This is a great way to introduce snack time. Say the rhyme while you peel a banana!

Make up new words and actions. Try:  ‘bananas up, bananas down’, ‘bananas in (move into a circle), bananas out’. You could also change go bananas to

‘jump bananas, jump, jump bananas…’ - hop bananas, hop, hop bananas…’