Sharing Books with Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Children

Which books should I choose?

Very young children like books with lots of bright, clear pictures. Touch and feel books with different textures, and books with flaps are great fun. Also look for books that relate to your child’s life and things they are familiar with.

How can I make sure my child feels involved?

Sit so your child is at your level and can see your face. Keep good eye contact. Make sure there is enough light so your face and the book can be seen clearly. If you don’t use BSL (British Sign Language) or Makaton, try using gestures during the story. Take your time so children can see the pictures, text and your facial expressions. Try propping the book up in front of you and reading the text upside down! Encourage children to talk about emotions by looking at the character’s expressions. Get your child to say what will happen next and fill in missing words and sounds. Repeat the same stories over and over to develop language and comfort.

Make it fun

Try using real objects and props to act out the story. Use funny faces to make your child laugh. Play at dressing up as characters and using puppets. Make a story sack with materials to bring a book to life.