Off to the Park

There are some lovely moments of interaction in this video. Liam’s mum invites him to come and share a book, and he dips in and out of the activity. He starts the book, but immediately wants to turn the pages. His mum is so responsive and follows his interest. They have lots of great interaction and play when they find the page with the ball – a page that is clearly of interest to Liam. Mum uses lots of rich vocabulary and they spend lots of time playing and exploring together.

This is a great video to show that sharing a book doesn’t always mean you have to read from cover to cover. Even when he wanders away, Mum does a great job of drawing his attention back and trying to engage and interest him. Mum adds in lots of extra gestures like blowing for the wind, and walking fingers up and down the slide. All these things are great for helping language development, understanding of the story and also engaging Liam. This is a lovely, relaxed interaction and it’s clear that both mum and Liam have a lovely time playing with different pages and chatting about the book.



Off to the Park is one of a range of tactile books that Scottish Book Trust is able to provide for children with Additional Support Needs. These books are a fantastic resource for families alongside their regular Bookbug bags. You can request Off to the Park - and our other tactile books - from your local Bookbug Co-ordinator.

You can also listen to the audio versions of Off to the Park, Off to the Beach, and Getting Ready on the Our Tactile Books page.


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