Owl Babies

This picture book is a classic. Notice how the mum in this video reads the book in a nice calm and reassuring tone - it’s a very gentle read aloud, perfect for bedtime.

The story offers a safe place to talk about emotions such as loneliness, fear, relief, and happiness. If your child is starting nursery or playgroup soon, it’s the perfect story to read together as it helps children understand that their mum, or carer, will always come back for them. Children will be able to empathise with the story from the point of view of the baby owls as they wait patiently until Owl Mummy returns.

There is lots of scope to extend the story too. You can talk about how the eldest owl is brave and tries to protect and comfort the younger owls. Or you could talk about owls in general with your child - what they eat and where they live, for example.

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