Sharing Books with Your Baby

It’s never too early to start!

Your baby has been listening to your voice since before they were born and will find it soothing.  Reading to your baby will help them feel safe and secure while developing their language and listening skills. Cuddle up with your baby and read!

Make it part of your routine

Books, songs and rhymes can easily become part of your day. Why not greet your baby in the morning with a song or rhyme or use one during changing or feeding times? Take time to share books. Hold your baby close and enjoy this time spent cuddled up with a great book.

Chat to your baby about the story

Point things out and really give your baby a good chance to look at them. Talk about what happens in the books and how the characters are feeling. 

Books in baskets

Leave books on the floor in baskets and in places where your baby plays. Having books around will help make reading a part of your baby’s world. Your baby will enjoy looking at their favourite books and even bringing them to you to read!

Involve the whole family

Everyone in the family can read with your baby. Suggest that everyone gives it a go! Reading is a great way for siblings to help care for the new baby. Ask big brothers and sisters to tell your baby stories and to share their favourite books.

Books on the go!

Books can be shared anytime, anywhere, so keep one handy in your bag. It’s a great way to pass the time waiting for buses or in lines. Your baby will be more settled and relaxed while they enjoy their book.   

The three Rs: Rhythm, Rhyme and Repetition

Babies love books with rhythm, rhyme and repetition. Books, songs, poems and rhymes with a steady beat help to develop your baby’s brain and will help your child when they begin school. Babies love repetition - especially since it helps them learn - so don’t be afraid to read the same book over and over again!