That's Not My Monkey

The family in this video share the book in another language, which is lovely to see. Mum uses the pictures to read the story and translate the book. It’s easy to see from their smiling faces and all the laughter and interaction how much fun they’re having. Mum brings the book to life by using expressive language, pointing to things in the pictures and textures, and even tickling the children at one point. She takes the time to make sure everyone sees the pictures and has a chance to join in.

Simple stories like this are great to share with children of different ages. There are lots of places for children to be involved, which can help hold interest whatever the age of the children. The textured bits are great fun for little hands, and for older children, you can elaborate on the illustrations and the textures even more.


Reading That’s Not My Monkey…

Sharing a book as a family is a great way to cuddle up and enjoy some quiet time together. Many children enjoy touchy feely books, as they can explore with their hands, feel different textures and anticipate the pictures and surprises under flaps, behind doors etc. These types of books encourage children to join in with the story.

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This video is part of our series of Bookbug Bag videos.

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