That's Not My Train

The touch and feel elements of this book make it extra special. The wee boy in this film really interacts with the different textures and you can see the joy as he uses his senses to take part in the story. Notice how his mum gives him lots of time to explore the textures. She points out the textures (squishy, rusty, bumpy), shows him what to do but then takes a step back and lets him take the lead. This is a great way to support his language development. Not only is he hearing new words, but letting him experience the concepts will help him to understand and remember even better. He loves the book so much that as soon as it’s finished, he goes back and wants to read it again.

Reading That’s Not My Train…

Sharing a book as a family is a great way to cuddle up and enjoy some quiet time together. Many children enjoy touchy feely books, as they can explore with their hands, feel different textures and anticipate the pictures and surprises under flaps, behind doors etc. These types of books encourage children to join in with the story.

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This video is part of our series of Bookbug Bag videos.

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