Toddler Bag Videos

Mum and son read together

Tuck Me In

Jackson may be an active toddler – but he’s still keen to join in with this book. Mum uses lots of eye contact to engage him and involve him in the book. Jackson is keen to chat along, and join in the story with his mum.

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Mum reading to two children

Funny Bunnies

This opposites book has a lovely sense of rhythm that comes to life when you read it aloud. You can really use your voice to help children catch the meaning of the opposite words.

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Parents reading with toddler

One Mole Digging a Hole

This simple, rhyming counting book is lots of fun – and you can see how much this family loves sharing it together. The wee boy loves taking the time to count the animals on each page and the way his mum points as she counts will help him learn.

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Mum and Dad reading with daughter

Flip and Find Farmers

As soon as Dad shares the title of the book, the wee girl points to the farmer on the cover. Mum and Dad give her plenty of time to look at the pages, but follow her lead when she folds over the flap to show that she wants to move on.

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Maisy's Bus

Maisy's Bus

All aboard! This family love sharing Maisy’s Bus together. It provides a great chance for them to talk about what they like, what they dislike. Mum links what is happening in the story to their own experience and to things around them.

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Mum and daughter reading

How To Bath Your Little Dinosaur

Bath time is a theme that children can relate to, and this sweet story is the perfect way to talk about how to get ready for the bath.

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Mother reading with two sons

Dinosaur Roar

Do dinosaurs roar? Do dinosaurs squeak? This book of opposites will engage and delight children.

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Mum and daughter reading together

Who's That?

Photograph books are lots of fun and very interesting for children. They are a great choice for families who speak more than one language as you can talk about the pictures on the page in any language. The mum and daughter in this video are sharing the book together in Gaelic.

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Mother reading with two children

Say Goodnight Like This

A mum and her two children read Say Goodnight Like This, part of Bookbug's Toddler Bag

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Children reading with father

Can Halò Mar Seo (Say Hello Like This)

Say Hello Like This by Mary Murphy

This book is all about having fun with the animal voices. Use your best silly voices like the dad in this video, and enjoy your child’s reaction.

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