Bookbug Conference

Joseph Coelho

Joseph Coelho: How Libraries Can Change Lives

Poet and children's author Joseph Coelho, shares his love of libraries and how they inspired Luna Loves Library Day. 


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Joseph Coelho

Joseph Coelho: Why Children Love Rhythm and Rhyme

Poet and children's author, Joseph Coelho, shares his thoughts on why poetry is so appealing to young children.


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Professor Lynne Murray

Professor Lynne Murray: The Difference that Book Sharing Makes

Professor Lynne Murray, Development Psychologist at University of Reading explores the many benefits that book sharing has on early child development. 


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Author Debi Gliori

Debi Gliori: How Picture Books Help Children Talk About Their Feelings

Illustrator and writer, Debi Gliori, explains how picture books can help children find a way to express how they feel and address their fears and anxieties. 


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Dr Nashwa Matta

Dr Nashwa Matta: The Impact of Sharing Stories, Songs and Rhymes with Babies in Neonatal Care

Dr Matta, Associate Specialist in Neonatology and Child Development explores the ways that very young babies communicate with us.

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Nicholas Dowdall

Nicholas Dowdall: How Book Sharing Supports Language Development and Family Bonding

Nicholas Dowdall, Doctoral researcher at Oxford University, explores the positive outcomes of book sharing initiatives in impoverished cultures

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Sabine Bonewitz

Sabine Bonewitz: How Picture Books Help Build Communities

Sabine Bonewitz, Head of the Family and Kindergarden Unit at the German Reading Foundation, explores the importance of picture books as a way of bringing families and communities together.


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Rowena Seabrook

Rowena Seabrook: Exploring Human Rights with Children

Rowena Seabrook, Human Rights Education Manager at Amnesty International UK, explains how picture books help us to explore human rights issues with children

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Annie Kubler: The Importance of Inclusivity in Picture Books

Annie Kubler, illustrator and Art Director at children’s publisher Child’s Play explains why it’s important for every child to be able to see themselves in picture books

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Dr Emma Watson

Dr. Emma Watson: How Reading Can Help Children Achieve Goals

Dr. Emma Watson explores how books and reading can help Scottish children break down barriers and achieve their aspirations.


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