Bookbug Conference 2019

In Partnership with NHS Health Scotland

The Power of Play

The Bookbug Conference is back! We will be hosting our conference on 19 March in a fabulous new venue; the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh. 

This year, we are partnering with NHS Health Scotland and looking at the role of play for babies and young children.

“If we think about reading as a playful act, we’re more likely to have children who are not only keener to read, but actually who read with more imagination and more personal input.” 

Dr Vivienne Smith

We'll be exploring the impact of playful parenting and why play is important for language as well as showcasing the many benefits of physical play for health and wellbeing and exploring opportunities for working together across disciplines. We will be focussing especially on:

•      How play supports language development 

•      How play benefits child development, both physically and emotionally 

•      The importance of outdoor play and it’s benefits and opportunities

•      Digital play

•      The influence of gender on play

The day will also include workshops and creative skills sessions including innovative new practice from a social work team supporting birth parents. 

Tickets cost £50 inclusive of VAT.  

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