Bookbug Shared Practice Event Reports

Regional Bookbug Shared Practice Events were held in Edinburgh on 22 February 2017 and in Glasgow on 7 March 2017.

These events brought together whole range of professionals and organisations – librarians, family support workers, nursery staff, social work assistants, NHS staff, and other charity partners, who were all using Bookbug is some capacity either through gifting the bags to families, running Bookbug Sessions, or working directly with families who need support to engage with the Bookbug Programme.

On the day we shared examples of best practice and our favourite songs, rhymes and books.

Below you can find all the shared practice presentations and summaries of discussions that took place at both events! Click on the links to download.


Twitter Summary

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Edinburgh (22 February 2017)

Glasgow (7 March 2017)


National Updates Presentation

Bookbug Outreach Update - Catriona Wallace (PDF)

Bookbug Programme Updates - David Mackay (PDF)


Shared Practice Presentations (Edinburgh)

Shared Practice from Falkirk Council - Yvonne Manning (PDF)

Bookbug & Languages: A Fife Project - Sharron Brown and Tamsin Johnson (PDF)

Extra materials to support language learning (French, German & Spanish) from Tamsin Johnson (ZIP)


Shared Practice Presentations (Glasgow)

Bookbug Outreach in Renfrewshire - Andrew Given and Pauline Simpson (PDF)


Song, Rhyme and Book Sharing Session

Songs, rhymes and lycra suggestions (PDF)

Book suggestions (PDF)


Examples of good practice amd themes from the round table discussions

Round table discussions from Edinburgh (PDF)

Round table discussions from Glasgow (PDF)


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National Bookbug Outreach Shared Practice Event - 31 March 2015 

On 31 March 2015 we held our second National Outreach Shared Practice event in Edinburgh, which featured presentations from practioners and speakers from a range of disciplines. You can view all the filmed presentations from this event online!


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