Bookbug Session Leader Training

About the Training

Bookbug Session Leader training is for staff and volunteers who will be delivering Bookbug Sessions (free song, rhyme and book sessions) in libraries or other community venues with groups of families. The training covers a wide range of relevant book sharing, musical and child development topics. The training is very interactive and includes lots of practical activities underpinned by research to child development and family relationships.

Please note that although delegates will participate in songs and rhymes in the group, delegates will not be asked to sing on their own.

Course Aims and Objectives

The variety of activities and information included in this course are designed to:

  • Enable practitioners to be able to plan and confidently lead an effective Bookbug Session
  • Explain how stories, songs and rhymes support children’s overall development, family bonding and interaction and why this is important
  • Introduce a range of different activities and how and why these should be included in a Bookbug Session
  • Boost practitioners' skills to effectively engage families with props and puppets
  • Boost practitioners' knowledge of songs and rhymes
  • Give knowledge to be able to select appropriate books for Bookbug Sessions, and understand how to effectively include them in the session no matter how many families attend
  • Explain how to choose musical activities for very young children and their parents
  • Show how to care for and use the voice

Course Details

Course Length: 6 hours (including lunch break)
Cost: Free
Delegate Numbers: 20 people
A version of this training is also available for those who wish to run Bookbug Sessions in Gaelic.

Eligibility Criteria

Delegates must:

  • Be affiliated to an organisation. They can be either staff or volunteers, but the support of an organisation is essential.
  • Plan to deliver Bookbug Sessions in libraries, or other publicly accessible community venues.
  • Plan to deliver Bookbug Sessions to groups of families with children from birth to four years old (not just to children by themselves).
  • Act in accordance with core Bookbug Values: universal, inclusive, respectful of rights and evidence-informed. There are also three key rules to bear in mind when planning and delivering sessions:
  1. Bookbug Sessions should only be run by those who have received Bookbug Session Leader training and for the purpose of promoting books, reading, singing and cuddling.
  2. The Bookbug brand should never be used to promote religious, political or commercial groups or ideas.
  3. Bookbug Session cannot be charged for, or held in places which are only accessible by parents paying a fee. You cannot request or recommend that families make a donation to attend a group where a Bookbug Session is taking place. For information about why this is important please read our statement.

Attending or Arranging a Training Session

Individuals - fill out the form on our main training page and ask to be added to our alert list for the course you are interested in. We will email you when a training course is available in your area. If you are not sure you are eligible for any of them, please drop us an email or give us a call.

Groups - It is not possible to organise an in-house session.

Click here to view the rest of our Bookbug training courses. For anything else related to Bookbug training please get in touch with us on 0131 524 0179 or

Some Bookbug Session Leader Training Sessions are funded by the Scottish Government’s Youth Music Initiative through Creative Scotland.