Early Years Team Profiles

Catriona Wallace

Head of Early Years

Catriona works closely with Scottish Book Trust’s Director, Marc Lambert, to oversee the vision and direction of the Bookbug programme. This includes national fundraising, partnership and advocacy work, as well as championing models of good practice in local Bookbug programmes nationally.
E: catriona.wallace@scottishbooktrust.com
T: 0131 524 0179


David MacKay

Early Years Outreach Manager

The Early Years Outreach Manager oversees the Early Years Outreach programme, including the Bookbug training programme. The Early Years Outreach Manager works closely with local authority, health and third sector staff to expand the reach and engagement of Bookbug outreach services. 
E: David.Mackay@scottishbooktrust.com
T: 0131 524 0181


Kirsty Sinclair

Early Years Operations Manager

The Early Years Operations Manager works on development and co-ordination of the Bookbug Bags, manages relationships with the NHS and works with local authorities and co-ordinators on the Bookbug Steering Group.
E: kirsty.sinclair@scottishbooktrust.com
T: 0131 524 0181


Tracy Cooper

Early Years Programme Development Manager 

Tracy develops a range of practical and hands-on training to support the Bookbug Programme, including recent research and best practice ideas. She also provides conference presentations.
E: tracy.cooper@scottishbooktrust.com
T: 0131 524 0180 


Ruth Grindley

Early Years Digital Manager

The Early Years Digital Manager is developing Bookbug's digital services as part of a 2 year project.

E: ruth.grindley@scottishbooktrust.com
T: 0131 524 0165


Beth Crozier

Early Years Operations Assistant Manager

The Early Years Operations Assistant Manager works closely with the Early Years Operations Manager to help co-ordinate the delivery of Bag components into the warehouse. She leads on print and marketing, while also working on the event side of the programme, ensuring the successful delivery of one-off events, including Bookbug Week and the Annual Conference.
E: beth.crozier@scottishbooktrust.com
T: 0131 558 8853


Rosalyn McGlynn

Early Years Development Co-ordinator

Ros works alongside the Head of Early Years on Bookbug advocacy work across Scotland
E: rosalyn.mcglynn@scottishbooktrust.com
T: 0131 524 0179


Celia Richards

Early Years Outreach Co-ordinator

Celia works closely with the Early Years Outreach Manager on the delivery of the Bookbug Outreach programme. She leads on the regional Shared Practice Events for Bookbug trainees.
E: celia.richards@scottishbooktrust.com
T: 0131 541 2349


Emma Dunn

Early Years Operations Administrator

The Early Years Operations Administrator works with the Early Years Operations Manager on Bookbug Bag logistics, provides administrative support across the team and deals with public queries. She should be your first point of contact for anything to do with Bookbug Bag deliveries and any general queries.
E: emma.dunn@scottishbooktrust.com
T: 0131 541 0021


Andra Iulian

Early Years Training Administrator

The Early Years Training Administrator works with the Early Years Outreach Manager & Co-ordinator on the Bookbug training programme. She is responsible for co-ordinating training sessions and should be your first point of contact for arranging and signing up for training dates.
E: andra.iulian@scottishbooktrust.com
T: 0131 541 2342 


Ruth Boreham

Early Years Outreach Administrator

The Early Years Outreach Administrator works with the Early Years Outreach Manager on the Bookbug Outreach programme. She is responsible for co-ordinating Bookbug Outreach Steering Groups and Bookbug Sessions in Shopping Centres.
E: ruth.boreham@scottishbooktrust.com
T: 0131 541 2401 


Lindsay Quayle

Early Years Administrator

The Early Years Administrator provides administrative support to the team, particularly for events and the general programme. She manages the Bookbug Costume hire and is responsible for web content, including Bookbug social networking and blog posts.
E: lindsay.quayle@scottishbooktrust.com
T: 0131 524 0179