Bookfellas is a Scottish Book Trust initiative that brings together 50 men and aims to raise £50,000 to ensure that everyone in Scotland has the same opportunity to thrive through reading and writing. We want to encourage more men to read for pleasure and highlight the importance of dads reading to their children.


Your Task

Reading and writing have the power to change lives.

They’re the most important factors in reducing the attainment gap, they improve mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and dementia, and they influence our work, relationships and the economy.

We live in a Scotland where 1 in 5 children are growing up in poverty, children from deprived backgrounds often do not go on to higher education and 35% of the adult population lack the literacy skills expected of an eleven-year-old.

Reading for pleasure is more important to educational achievement and future success than wealth or background. We know that fewer boys and men read for pleasure. And we know that only a quarter of dads under 25 read to their children, compared to over 60% of mums in the same age group.

This is where we need you. Help us turn Scotland into nation of booklovers. The idea is simple. Each of the 50 men commits to raising £1,000 each in any way you like by April 2017. Each of the 50 men becomes a role model for reading in their families, at work and with friends. The money raised will support Scottish Book Trust’s literacy programmes.


The Benefits

You will immediately become part of an exclusive group of 50 men across Scotland. You’ll meet new people and widen your personal and business networks. You’ll be championing a great cause, having fun and making a real difference to the future of people in Scotland.

At Scottish Book Trust, we’ll support you with your fundraising, promote your fundraising in the media, share ideas and keep you updated on the group’s successes and we will give you the opportunity to help us in special reading missions such as gifting our free book of short stories to the people of Scotland during Book Week Scotland.

Get involved!

If you have any questions about Bookfellas or would like to get involved, please contact Victoria Sampson on 0131 524 0160 or by email at 


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