The Borrower: Discussion Questions for Book Groups

Discussion questions

Did you feel any sympathy towards Lucy or Ian? Were they sympathetic characters?

How many references to other books did you spot in The Borrower?

Did you think that The Borrower had any underlying moral messages?

What were your most shocking moments in the book? Why did they particularly stand out?

What role did Lucy’s father play in the book?

How did the revelations about Rocky change the novel?

More in-depth questions

At the beginning of the story Lucy outlines her reasons why she ends up on the road trip with Ian. Did you spot any other motivations or reasons in Lucy’s life?

With the other books mentioned and referenced throughout the book, do you think there were underlying meanings to these references?

There may be some of these books that some of your group have read and some won’t have – make a list of the books you spotted and who has read them. This can open up a really interesting discussion on all these books and their underlying themes, especially since a lot of the books are children’s titles that you may not have read for a while!


Download these questions (Word doc)