Intergenerational Rebel Writing Campaign

Rebel Rebel, pick up yer pen
Rebel Rebel, we want tae ken

As part of our annual campaign to get Scotland writing, we are asking primary and secondary pupils across the country to create a piece of personal or collaborative writing inspired by the 2018 theme Rebel!

Often, rebellion just means doing things differently from everyone else. Supporting a different team, listening to different music, seeing things in a different way. It’s part of what makes us human. Rebellion spurs opposition and change, allows us to find our own individual voices and inspires others to challenge expectations.

How to take part

We encourage your pupils to either submit a piece of writing based on their own experiences of rebellion or one that is based on stories gathered from older generations.

Get your pupils chatting with their parents, grandparents or residents from your local care home. Ask them to connect with each other and share stories about times when they rebelled. Pupils can write and submit the stories as part of our intergenerational Rebel writing campaign.

Entries can be up to 1000 words and in any form you like – story, poem, comic strip, play, letter or diary entry – and we welcome entries in English, Scots and Gaelic. The only rule is that this is a piece of personal writing, not an imaginative story. Find out more about how to submit your stories here.

Our favourite pieces of writing will be published in a special Rebel for Schools e-book for Book Week Scotland 2018.

The deadline for submission of stories is 5 October 2018.

For inspiration and ideas on how to get started, have a look at our Resources. We will be creating more Rebel learning resources over the next few months, so watch this space!