Modern languages

Find out how Kirstin Armstrong, art teacher at Greenfaulds High School, used Alpha: Abidjan to Gare du Nord, a graphic novel about a young man's desperate journey from Northern Africa to Europe, as inspiration for a cross-curricular project exploring the stories of refugees through art and drama.

Find out how Rosemary Richey, lecturer at Fife College, used Matthew Fitt's Scots language Authors Live event as the starting point for a Scots storytelling project with young adult learners.

Lauren Child's Ruby Redfort series follows the adventures of a teenage spy as she cracks codes, solves mysteries and gets the better of bad guys. Use this resource from teacher Linda Murray to inspire a huge range of cross-curricular activities and projects based on Look Into My Eyes, the first book in the series!

Elizabeth Wein is the award-winning author of a host of fantastic novels for young adults, including a series of gripping novels about young female pilots. These resources will give you lots of ideas for activities and cross-curricular projects inspired by these novels!

These fantastic learning resources are perfect for any librarian or teacher looking to plan some fun, creative activities around the books in the Older Readers Category (12-16 yrs). Inside you'll find activities on each book, as well as ideas to help your pupils create a buzz about the awards in school. There's also a guide to writing a great book review to help support you if you enter the review competition!

These resources on the first two books in the hugely popular series celebrate all things Tom, with a focus on comics, doodling and music. But there's much more to Tom's world than his prowess as a musician and artist, and so you'll find activities to help you discover the natural world, some great modern languages tasks, and much more besides.

Design Alien Awareness posters, plan an exchange visit to Paris, and many more activities to explore Pamela's books