Gaelic New Writers Awards 2012/13: Seonaid Macdonald

Seonaid Macdonald

Gaelic New Writers Awards

A native Gaelic speaker, Seonaid started her career as a broadcast journalist and soon realised she was more adept at creating fiction than reporting hard facts. After doing a course in writing for radio drama , she continued to script-write for  radio and television and theatre.  In 2008 she wrote and directed her first short film “Oidhche Shathairne” for the inaugural FilmG Awards and was delighted to win Best Film and to be shortlisted for a New Entrant Bafta.  After making a second film “An Seoladh” in 2009, Seonaid won an MGAlba scholarship enabling her to do an MA in Television Fiction Writing at Glasgow Caledonian University in collaboration with Shed Productions. Seonaid will happily admit that while she loves writing scripts, she has been eager to turn her hand to literature and particularly novels for some time and is relishing the prospect of doing so.


Extract from 'Sandra agus Ceit'

'Ach a dh’aindeoin seo, bha an cuthach oirre. Mar cuthach

nach do dh’fhairich i riamh na beatha. Nas miosa na an fhearg

a dh’fhairich i nuair a dh’inns iad dhi sa chiad dol a-mach gun

robh aillse oirre, no an uair a dh’inns iad dhi gu robh iad dol a

thoirt dhith na cìochan le chèile no fiù ’s nuair a dh’inns iad dhi

nach robh iad cinnteach gun tigeadh i às beò. Bha an cuthach

oirre nis air sgàth a’ chuirp ghrànda leis an deach a fàgail agus an

smuain uabhasach nach fhàgadh i na bu mhotha: dè ma thilleas e?'



“Winning this award has been a massive boost to my confidence and could bring a dream to fruition. The support on offer will prove invaluable and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”