Health Visiting Teams and FNPs Gifting Advice

The Bookbug programme encourages parents and carers to share books and songs with their children from birth. Health Visitors are usually responsible for gifting the Bookbug Baby Bag and the Bookbug Toddler Bag. View our short film featuring Sir Harry Burns for more Bookbug gifting advice.

Please click here to download a copy of the Gifting Advice Sheet for Baby and Toddler Bags, which includes key messages to pass on to parents

Gifting the Bookbug Bags: awareness sessions for health staff

Health staff are integral to the successful delivery of the Bookbug programme, and we have designed an awareness session to support and enthuse them in their bag gifting role. This session explores the contents of the Bookbug bags in-depth and discusses how they support bonding and attachment, language and literacy development and overall good health.

Who’s eligible: All members of health visiting teams/health staff or others who gift Bookbug Baby Bags and Bookbug Toddler Bags.

Course duration: 1 hour

For more information or to set up a training session for your health team, please contact or phone 0131 541 2349.

Please click here to download futher information on the course

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