A -    aye – (Scots) yes

awright – (Scots) all right, alright

B -   barred – banned from entering somewhere

bird – (slang) girl or woman

bookies – bookmakers, betting shop 

bling – (slang) flashy and showy accessories 

buroo – (Scots slang) - The Jobcentre or Employment Office. Unemployment or Social Security benefit

C -   canny – (Scots) can not 

D -   doofus – (slang) someone who hasn’t a clue

DMs – Doc Martens shoes or boots made by ‘Dr Marten’

dug – (Scots) dog

E -    Eighty Shilling – a kind of beer

F -    fag – (slang) cigarette

flutter – a small bet or wager

funpire –(slang) a play on the word ‘vampire’- someone who sucks all the fun out of life!

G -    git – (slang) annoying or dislikeable person

get tae – (Scots) go away!

K -    kitty – a shared fund of money

M -   manky – dirty, filthy

menodge – (Scots from the French ‘ménage’) also monoge or minoge. A kind of savings club

mingin – (Scots) revolting, horrible or unpleasant

minted – (slang) rich, well-off

N -   nae – (Scots) not any

naw – (Scots) no

natter – to talk, to chatter 

numpty – (slang) stupid person 

O -    ocht – (Scots) oh

R -    radge – (Scots) crazy or angry. A mad or violent person

S -    SECC – The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre

skint – short of money

slaver – (Scots) saliva

smartarse – someone who thinks they’re clever

spewin – (Scots) vomiting, being sick

T -    ta – thanks, thank you 

tin pail – (rhyming slang) jail 

‘That’ll be shining’ (rhyming slang) – That’ll be shining bright – right

W -   WAG – the wife or girlfriend of a footballer 

wee – (Scots) little

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