Social Media

Social Media

Social Media

Subject area: IT, Numeracy
Read with understanding
Interpret numerical information
Reflect and evaluate

Level of support required:
It is recommended that the tutor take on the role of “quizmaster” for the social media quiz activity, but learners should try to answer questions unaided.  
Learners may require support with the “online footprint” activity, especially if they struggle with numeracy.

The aim of this lesson is to inform learners about the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of social networking, and to encourage them to explore the role that social networks can play in encouraging and combating sectarian behaviour.

Begin by reading together through Walk The Walk as far as page 37, the section where Rab and Kylie discuss the comments that have been left on Kylie’s Facebook page.

Now print copies of the Social Media activity sheet (which includes a social media quiz activity and discussion questions) and the answers to the quiz so your group can complete the activities.

Then facilitate group discussion using the Social Media discussion questions. Once your learners have completed these activities, make sure they complete the follow-up discussion.

Reflecting on Learning

  • Did learners have experience of seeing and/or reporting inappropriate content on social networking sites?

After taking part in the discussion, were learners aware of:

  • Who is able to read the content that they and their peers post online?
  • Tools that can be used to protect oneself when posting online?
  • The potential legal repercussions of posting sectarian content online?

Learners can:

  • Correctly answer questions about safe social networking and tackling inappropriate content
  • Accurately calculate their own “online footprint”

Further work/useful resources:

Action on Sectarianism’s Community Links: Sectarianism on Social Media
Accessible information about sectarian content on social media, presented in bite-size form and designed for young people.

Think U Know Resource Library
Use the tabs at the top to select the age group of your learners, and then scroll down to find resources on issues like cyberbullying, online sexual content, and privacy settings.

Statistic Brain Social Networking Statistics
Including some mind-boggling numbers your learners might like to know: e.g. 25% of Facebook users are under 10 years old.