Reluctant Readers

Pamela Butchart

Authors Live: Pamela Butchart

We were delighted to be joined by award-winning author and Blue Peter badge holder Pamela Butchart for a fun-filled Authors Live broadcast.

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Philip Ardagh

Authors Live: Philip Ardagh

Author Philip Ardagh tells us all about his hilarious series, The Grunts.

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Steve Cole

Authors Live: Steve Cole

Steve Cole joins us to talk about creating monsters and superheroes for Magic Ink and his other books

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Cerrie with umbrella

Authors Live: Cerrie Burnell

Cerrie Burnell talks about writing inclusive stories and introduces us to Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella

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Authors Live Chris Hoy & Joanna Nadin

Authors Live: Chris Hoy & Joanna Nadin

Sir Chris Hoy and Joanna Nadin talk about the importance of teamwork and their new project, Flying Fergus

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Authors Live: Liz Pichon

Authors Live: Liz Pichon

Author and illustrator Liz Pichon invites you to explore the world of her well loved character, Tom Gates.

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Anthony Horowitz copyright Jon Cartwright

Authors Live: Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz talks about his phenomenally successful Alex Rider series.

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Steve Backshall photo by Allan Peebles for BBC

Authors Live: Steve Backshall

Steve Backshall shares his adventures, thoughts on conservation and his writing process.

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Patrick Ness photo by Alan Peebles for BBC

Authors Live: Patrick Ness

Patrick Ness on why Young Adult fiction matters.

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Paul Lyalls performing his poetry

Authors Live: Poetry Slam

Authors Live has put a new spin on the traditional notion of poetry, with three of Britain’s best-loved poets; Paul Lyalls, Elspeth Murray and Dizraeli waging verbal battle against each other in front of a live online audience.

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