Christiane Dorion

In March 2016 children's author and environmentalist Christiane Dorion visited primary schools in Inverclyde, West Lothian and Dundee as part of the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour.

Find out how Christiane's visit inspired P5 pupils at St Mary's Primary School in Inverclyde to create their own non-fiction pop-up books as part of a a brilliant cross-curricular project.

Author, environmental campaigner and education specialist Christiane Dorion shares her top tips for introducing scientific concepts in your classroom and igniting children's curiosity about the world around us.

Christiane Dorion's wonderful pop up books give youngsters a fantastic insight into science and nature. These resources will give you lots of activity ideas inspired by Christiane's books How the World Began and How Animals Live, including a range of STEM activities to help children explore construction.