Digital and multimedia

Watch Julia Donaldson perform The Magic Paintbrush with help from pupils at Holywood Primary School and Lochside Primary School at Lochthorn Library in Dumfries! What should Shen do? 

Dave Hook, frontman of the hip hop band Stanley Odd, gives advice on how to write your own lyrics and how to make your voice heard. 

Darkmouth is the award-winning debut novel from Shane Hegarty, and it's a must for any fans of rough and tumble fantasy adventure! These learning resources will help you explore the book with pupils in a variety of creative ways, including adapting scenes into comic format and making stop motion animations.

These fantastic activity suggestions are inspired by David Solomons' hilarious bestseller, My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord, and include a step-by-step guide to getting your pupils to create computer games with simple online resources.

This resource uses Malcolm McNeill's fantastic book The Beginning Woods as an example for podcasting and filmmaking activities, but you can use these activities with any class novel!

Writing for the screen is a fascinating challenge, enabling pupils to flesh out characters in different ways from prose writing and allowing them to experiment with camera shots to create the right mood.

A step by step guide to creating book trailers for you and your pupils, with printable worksheets. This activity pack can be used alongside our How to Create Book Trailers video series, and activities can be modified as you see fit!