Graphic novels and illustration

John Fardell, author and illustrator, gives his top tips for using drawing as a starting point for creative writing. John's best known illustrated picture books include The Day Louis Got Eaten and Manfred the Baddie.

In October 2017, award-winning author and illustrator Ed Vere visited primary schools in East and West Dunbartonshire and North Aryshire on the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour.

In January 2017, the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour took brilliant illustrator and author Nick Sharratt to Liverpool for an extra special week of school events. Nick saw 2400 P1-4 pupils from 19 schools, and inspired lots of wonderful drawings during his workshops.

In March, Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour took award-winning illustrator and author Emily Gravett to Dumfries & Galloway and South Ayrshire for a special week of school events! She visited 650 P1-3 pupils at 13 schools and had everyone drawing!

Emily Gravett, author and illustrator of Monkey and Me and Orange Pear Apple Bear, gives top tips on how to draw Pete the Badger from her latest book Tidy. Watch Emily's video and draw Pete the Badger yourself! 

Laura Ellen Anderson, author and illustrator of Evil Emperor Penguin and Evil Emperor Penguin Strikes Back, gives her top tips on how to draw your favourite dastardly penguin. Watch her video and then have a go at drawing him yourself! 

Laura Ellen Anderson is the writer and illustrator of Evil Emperor Penguin, a madcap graphic novel featuring a penguin hellbent on world domination. The book could appeal to keen and reluctant readers, and this resource gives guidance on using the book to inspire comic writing in class, as well as some STEM activities.

Chris Riddell, author, illustrator and current Children's Laureate, shares his three Ws for getting past the stumbling blocks of starting stories. 



Sarah McIntyre, author and illustrator of the brilliant 'Pugs of the Frozen North', co-written by Phillip Reeve, gives her top tips on drawing the stars of her book - pugs! Watch Sarah's top tips and then have a go at drawing one yourself! 



Darkmouth is the award-winning debut novel from Shane Hegarty, and it's a must for any fans of rough and tumble fantasy adventure! These learning resources will help you explore the book with pupils in a variety of creative ways, including adapting scenes into comic format and making stop motion animations.