exploring tough issues

Deanna Rodger is one of the most acclaimed spoken word artists on the UK scene, and her work covers a lot of important ground including national identity and technology. This resource will give you some different ideas to explore Deanna's poems and get your pupils writing some of their own.

Sky Dancer by Gill Lewis is a beautiful story which celebrates animal rights, and is the perfect opportunity to introduce your pupils to questions about our relationship with nature. Check out our resource for some great cross-curricular learning activity suggestions.

A resource inspired by the work of poet Theresa Munoz, this resource explores themes of travel and technology.

Michael Grant's YA war novel Front Lines reimagines the past, depicting a world in which women were conscripted to fight alongside men. This pacy and thought-provoking book provides lots of inspiration for you and your pupils to discuss the issues raised, and our learning resource will give you lots of activity suggestions to help pupils develop their ideas.

Patrick Ness is the author of the powerful and captivating Chaos Walking trilogy, and has also written the award winning

Resources to help you explore Michael Byrne's debut novel Lottery Boy with your pupils.

This tale of a friendship tested to the limit is supported here by some great resources for creative learning

Get creative in the classroom with these brilliant teaching resources to accompany some of Saci's thrilling books such as The Carbon Diaries 2015 and Momentum.

Explore the rich world of children's illustration with these fantastic activities based around Nick Sharratt's work, including Caveman Dave and Tracy Beaker.

Hetty Feather and Jackie Daydream feature in these resources for the best-loved children's author