These fabulous teaching resources from Linda Murray gives a wide range of activity suggestions for Cressida's beloved series How to Train Your Dragon. Activities include designing your own dragon, planning a rescue centre for abandoned dragons, writing your own dragon training manual, ho

Elizabeth Wein is the award-winning author of a host of fantastic novels for young adults, including a series of gripping novels about young female pilots. These resources will give you lots of ideas for activities and cross-curricular projects inspired by these novels!

In May 2015 the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour visited Orkney and Shetland with Horrible Histories illustrator Martin Brown. Get inspired by teachers at Aith Junior High School in Shetland, who created fantastic cross-curricular projects to enthuse thier pupils about history and link Martin's visit to their class topics.

These fantastic learning resources are perfect for any librarian or teacher looking to plan some fun, creative activities around the books in the Older Readers Category (12-16 yrs). Inside you'll find activities on each book, as well as ideas to help your pupils create a buzz about the awards in school. There's also a guide to writing a great book review to help support you if you enter the review competition!

Activities to help you and your pupils step into the shoes of a children's illustrator!

History is a fascinating subject which comes alive when pupils are given the opportunity to actively explore and make sense of it. In this resource you'll find plenty of suggestions to help your class use their creativity to learn about history, whatever period they're studying. 

A classic wartime novel which tells the story of 9-year-old Lenny Gillespie's experience of the Clydebank Blitz

A range of activities to help you get the most out of Tony Robinson's Weird World of Wonder series.

Witches and Abyssinian princes take centre stage in Elizabeth's historical novels

Theresa Breslin's book draws you into a tale of star-crossed romance during the Spanish Civil War