Scottish authors

As part of the 20th Anniversary celebrations of the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour, we have asked our author's about life on tour!

Scottish writer John Fardell has proved a firm favourite with young readers ever since The 7 Professors of the Far North was published in 2004! His picture books, Manfred the Baddie and The Day Louis Got Eaten, were voted by children as Scotland's favourite picture books in 2009 and 2012. This resource will help you explore these two books, plus two of John's chapter books, in the classroom.

Lari Don is emerging as one of Scotland's most exciting writers for children, with fiction ranging from picture books to gritty YA sci-fi. Here, you'll find resources inspired by her children's books First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts and The Beginner's Guide to Curses, as well as her provocative teen book Drawing a Veil which explores the freedom to express religious beliefs.

If you want to reframe pupils' perceptions of poetry and capitalise on the rich use of language found in hip hop, this resource will help you use the music of Stanley Odd and other spoken word acts in your classroom or library. Stanley Odd are one of Scotland's top hip hop acts and have been instrumental in endowing the Scottish hip hop scene with credibility, giving Scottish regional accents their place on the world hip hop stage. This resource will help you explore spoken word texts and provides the option for pupils to compose their own.

Even for pupils who don't use Scots regularly, studying the language can be a rich and rewarding experience. This resource pack, written by Scots Language Consultant Bruce Eunson, helps you take your first steps into Scots and focuses on Geordie's Mingin' Medicine as the basis for activities.

This resource uses Malcolm McNeill's fantastic book The Beginning Woods as an example for podcasting and filmmaking activities, but you can use these activities with any class novel!

This resource gives you and your pupils a chance to tackle discrimination and intolerance by spreading positive messages in your school and community. The activities are inspired by Hate, Alan Gibbons' hard-hitting novel about inertia in the face of hate crimes.

Rhyming poetry activities inspired by There's a Bear on My Chair, plus a wide range of cross-curricular activities for Ross's award-winning picture books Dear Vampa and Robot Rumpus.

Jackie Kay's poems are often touching meditations on family and relationships, and this resource will provide you with all the activity suggestions you need to get your pupils engaged with this best loved poet.

Design Alien Awareness posters, plan an exchange visit to Paris, and many more activities to explore Pamela's books