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Anthony Horowitz Learning Resources

Anthony Horowitz's gripping Alex Rider series celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2015. The novels can open the doors to some fantastic creative learning! This resource from classroom teacher Linda Murray is full of activity suggestions to help you build a cross-curricular learning experience around Stormbreaker and Point Blanc. Activities include:

  • Write the 'lost chapter' of Stormbreaker;
  • Research and try out safe methods of fire building;
  • Use Minecraft to recreate a scene from one of the novels;
  • Create factfiles for the different vehicles in Point Blanc.

These resources were created to accompany our Authors Live event with Anthony. You can watch or download this event again here. Why not check out the other events in our Watch on Demand section too?

Anthony's event refers to his screenwriting work. If you want to enthuse your pupils about screenwriting and take them through the writing and filming of a great scene, check out this resource by writer Cat Hepburn.