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Case Study Package: Etherington brothers

The Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with the Etherington Brothers visited schools in North and South Lanarkshire in May 2013. Primary teacher Paula Jeffreys (Ladywell Primary School) used this opportunity to create cross curricular links with both Art and ICT.  

By using the Etherington Brothers visit as inspiration and encouraging her class to create their own comic strips and animations, Ladywell Primary managed brilliantly to create links between different subject areas. Paula writes a fantastic blog about her experience and the benefits of cross-curricular learning - read this and have a peek at the animation below.

The high energy of the Etherington brothers had all the schools excited - have a look at some of our tour photos and our amazing completed comic feedback forms!


Etherington Brothers with Ladywell Primary
The Etherington Brothers - Top Tips video
Glenlee Primary School Blog

Blog: Cross-Curricular Comic Creations

Paula describes how she prepeared for the Etherington Brothers' visit and how her pupils used their books to develop their writing, ICT and artistic skills!

Video: Top 5 Writing Tips

The Etherington Brothers share their top five writing tips with us - whilst playing crazy golf!

Cartoonists or Authors?

Wilma discusses how the pupils at Glenlee Primary School used the Etherington Brothers visit to plan and create their own comics

Etherington Brothers being interviewed by SL Council
Etherington Brothers Books as Resources
Etherington Brothers Website

Video: South Lanarkshire Council interviewing the Etherington Brothers

The Etherington Brothers discuss how they try and get children excited about reading and writing through their events!


Download our free resources to encourage pupils to use comic books as a fun learning tool!

Etherington Brothers: Blog

Read the Etherington Brothers tour blog to find out about model snowglobes, exhausting sign language and all the adventures!

Etherington Brothers Crowd

Etherington Brothers Audience


Event Photos

Have a look at some of the photographs we took during our week long tour round North and South Lanarkshire with the Etherington Brothers!


Check out some of our comic themed feedback forms we received after the tour.