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Holy Trinity Primary School Shared Reading Case Study

Mrs Lalor, Principal Teacher, attended a Twilight course at the start of the academic year where we were advised that we were 1 of 10 schools chosen to take part in Shared Reading in East Dunbartonshire Council. Holy Trinity was delighted to be involved in this initiative.

To kick off the project, the P7s received an inspirational Drama workshop from Kirsten McCrossan, from The Drama Box. She very quickly made the P7s realise and appreciate their individual vocal ranges using pitch, tone and volume. They developed their confidence reading aloud to each other, as well as developing their ability to dramatise a story as they read it.

Shared reading

They were encouraged to think of questions they could ask the P1s about the stories and any follow-up activities they might prepare for the younger children to undertake. They also related the story content to the P1s' own experiences through questioning and analysing the text and illustrations.

The Drama session really helped to prepare us well.

Using different voices kept the P1s focused and interested.

In class Mrs Finlayson undertook sessions with the P7s as part of their literacy work, where they listened to the authors of the three books read their own stories on the Scottish Book Trust website. The children read the stories to one another, honing the skills taught in the drama session and they prepared a follow-up activity for the P1s to complete.

A host of P7 children volunteered to present their experiences to P1 parents and grandparents at our Parents P1 Bookbug workshop. We also ran these workshops to introduce parents of P2 and P3 pupils to the Read, Write, Count bags. The adults commented on how confident and enthusiastic the P7 children were and how the P1s would enjoy being read to by older children.

The P7s introduced the three Bookbug books to the P1s and provided a design your own sundae activity worksheet for the P1s to complete.

I liked meeting and listening to new P7s.

All P1 and P7 children cast their vote for their favourite book and awaited the results with great excitement and anticipation.

While we were awaiting the results we received certificates and a selection of lovely shared reading books for our school library – thank you Scottish Book Trust!

All children and teachers tuned in for the results in January and used the web link on the day of the announcement in January to see which book had won. Coincidentally the book which was the most popular vote in Holy Trinity, won the overall Scottish vote – Gorilla Loves Vanilla!

All of the P1 children were fully engaged and I was really impressed by the P7s – the way they held the books for the P1s to see as they read, their use of different voices and their questioning which related to the children’s own experiences as well as the plots. I could tell they had been practising. Miss Meechan and Mrs McCondichie, P1 Class Teachers