Learning Resources

Nick Sharratt Learning Resources

Explore the rich world of children's illustration with these fantastic activities based around Nick Sharratt's work, including Caveman Dave and Tracy Beaker. 

Whether you're looking to explore the books, use Nick's Authors Live event as inspiration for classroom activities, or just delve into illustration generally, these resources will give you loads of help getting started.

Activities include:

  • Creating your own rhyming caveman book;
  • Comparing Sharratt's style to other illustrators and doing illustrations based on your preferred style;
  • Working together as an author-illustrator team to create characters.

We've also added a new resource featuring activities inspired by Nick's books Vikings in the Supermarket and Shark in the Park on a Windy Day!

If you're looking for further creative illustration activities, why not check out our Authors Live Illustration Slam video with top children's illustrators? You'll find learning resources for the event next to the video!