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Video - Using Accessible Books and Symbolised Resources in Additional Support Needs Settings

Using accessible versions of picture books can help pupils with a print disability to enjoy stories. Additionally, using symbolised sheets can help them participate in the story as well as discuss it afterwards.

In the videos below, Joanna Courtney of CALL Scotland demonstrates how to use accessible versions and symbolised resources, and shows how they can be used with a group of pupils from Braidburn School.

Image of Joanna Courtney demonstrating the symbol resources
How to use the accessible versions and symbol sheets Using the accessible versions and symbol sheets with pupils from Braidburn School

Accessible versions of books

CALL Scotland produce accessible versions of books for PowerPoint and Keynote. These versions come with recorded narration and a prompt to turn the page by pressing a switch or a key on a keyboard (they also produce versions without this prompt).

These accessible books are a great resource to help pupils with a print disability enjoy stories. Print disability can include visual impairment, learning difficulties, dyslexia, or physical difficulties which make it difficult to turn the pages of a book.

Every year, CALL Scotland produce accessible versions of the three shortlisted books in the Bookbug Picture Book Prize. These are available on request. You can find out about the Bookbug Picture Book Prize here, and find out more about the accessible versions in this blog post from CALL.

CALL Scotland's library of accessible versions of books is available at their Books For All database, which teachers in Scotland can access with their GLOW login. This interactive PowerPoint Library PDF gives you easy access to each of the previous years’ Bookbug titles as well as links to their symbol resources, all in one place

Symbolised resources

CALL Scotland also produce symbolised resources which can help pupils with communication difficulties to participate in stories and discuss them. 

A range of symbolised resources, to be used with different communication devices, can be downloaded from both the CALL website and the Scottish Book Trust website. This section of CALL's website will direct you the symbolised resources for this year's Bookbug Picture Book Prize, as well as resources for previous years' shortlists. You can also find the symbolised resources by clicking on the 'additional support needs' tag in Scottish Book Trust's resources section - just scroll down and you will find the resources.