How Scottish Book Trust Pays the Author and Invoices the Organiser

  • The full fee is £175 per session. You will be invoiced for £75 of this plus VAT (£90 in total)
  • Please do not pay authors directly – this could delay their payment from Scottish Book Trust  
  • Please fill in your half of the claim form before the event
  • You do need to provide a claim form: the author will expect you to have this
  • You don’t need to send us the claim form: the author will send this in

Scottish Book Trust pays authors their fee and expenses by direct bank transfer. After we receive the claim form and receipts from the author, we will invoice your organisation for part of the fee plus VAT (£90). You will have 30 days to pay this invoice.

For information on what we can reimburse, see our expenses guidelines for authors.  

Frequently asked questions about payment

How long will it take for authors to be paid?

We can’t pay any fees or expenses to authors until we receive the claim form and receipts. Our standard terms are 30 days from when we receive the author’s claim form. If the author hasn’t heard from us or received payment within a reasonable time, let us know. There may be occasional delays if we have asked for more information about expenses, such as a missing receipt.

Can authors still claim for something if they don’t have a receipt?

In the case of trains and flights your booking confirmation email can be a receipt (e.g. if your train tickets were taken by the ticket barriers). For hotels, please ask them to confirm the booking and amount by email if they cannot send a duplicate copy. For other items, we can use a debit/credit card statement with the appropriate line made clear and dated. In all cases, please get in touch with us. Missing receipts may delay a payment and expenses repaid without a receipt are at the discretion of Scottish Book Trust.

Where do I get a copy of the claim form?

Your original award email will have information about this. If you can’t find it, please email

I’ve paid an author directly. What do I do?

Get in touch via as soon as possible. Scottish Book Trust will pay the author their travel and expenses as usual when we receive their claim form. You will then have to arrange with the author to refund the extra payment to your organisation.

We’ve booked our author for multiple events but we’re only using our sessions for some of them. How do we make sure we are not invoiced for everything?

Please make sure your author knows how many sessions are supported by Live Literature; otherwise they may claim for multiple sessions, for which you will be invoiced in error. We advise emailing in advance and making a note on their claim form of how many sessions they should claim through Scottish Book Trust.

We haven’t received an invoice. Can you help?

We send you an invoice because the author submits a claim form. Check with us whether the author has sent in their claim form or if there are any delays in processing this, e.g. a missing receipt, or if we’ve queried an expense. We may ask you to remind the author to send in the form or email them another copy.